I was a little worried when I first met Amissi and was unsure about training with him. His overall ‘look’ suggested that he might simply be ruthless during his workouts. My first impressions could not have been more wrong, he is fantastic to work with. Since I started training with him, I have achieved results I never even thought imaginable.

Having been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, it was a battle I was still fighting when I met Amissi. His support and response to this was perfect. Good day or bad day, Amissi knew exactly how to tailor our sessions so that I got the most out of them and always ensured I left feeling better. With his support, I came off my medication 12-18 months earlier than expected.

Having been a Cheshire tennis player from a young age, I was forced to stop due to a major injury and illness. Since recovering, Amissi is helping me develop my ‘tennis fitness’ again. Through working together, I am now competing at county level again.

It is clear that personal training is not just a job for Amissi, he genuinely cares about his clients and is passionate about what he does. I cannot rate him highly enough. Amissi has changed my life, I am in the best shape both mentally and physically that I have ever been in and I can’t wait to make even more progress with him.

Victor Anichebe

Professional footballer

I started boxing training with Amissi when I moved to West Brom. With only a little boxing experience, I wanted to continue with this type of workout as it is the perfect combination to improve fitness, strength and agility, which is important in my role as a striker. I always enjoy Amissi’s one to one boxing sessions as he has a lot of experience and the ability to help you improve on every level – no matter whether you are a beginner, pro, young or old. I have already booked more sessions with Amissi as my plan is to train with him off season, in order to keep myself fit. I will recommend Amissi to all of my friends and family.

Mike Higson

Professional Muay Thai fighter

Amissi has excellent interpersonal skills and knows how to encourage, inspire and motivate you to help you to reach your full potential. He has the perfect balance of pushing you hard and encouraging you with praise. Amissi has helped me to train for boxing events, helping me to refine my technique and skills as well as pushing my fitness to another level. His bootcamp was especially amazing and really took me to another level. Best of all, he prepared me mentally to step into the ring, motivating me with positive talk and boxing strategy. A great personal trainer and boxing coach

Stewart Cherry

I have been training with Amissi since September 2013 and for the past 6 months have noticed a considerable difference in my fitness, strength and shape. Amissi shows great enthusiasm, motivation and attention to detail during each session and has been incredibly helpful with advice on my diet & technique. While each session is a lot of work and completely exhausting, Amissi keeps things interesting by bringing in new routines and variation on exercises, which focus on improving my coordination, strength and cardio endurance. Whether you are a serious fitness fanatic or someone who needs that extra motivation to get into the gym I’d highly recommend working with Amissi, as through his knowledge, passion and energy you will notice a considerable difference.

Tracy Tsikai

I have always struggled with losing weight in those usual places; stomach and thighs. I have, over the years, tried different diets and fitness regimes with little or no results, yet since I started working with Amissi I have seen great results. Amissi offered me some good nutritional advice and helped me to understand how to get better results just by adjusting my diet. I lost 6% body fat in the first 3weeks, mainly around the abdominal area. Amissi also gave me a workout plan that targeted different areas of the body. His workout sessions are fun and challenging but tailored to individuals, which is refreshing. I am continuing to see my body change in positive ways and a massive improvement in overall fitness. I enjoy working with Amissi as he is always bringing in new and exciting exercises to use, which helps to keep you motivated.

Rebecca Farleys

Amissi has changed the way I train completely. I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I could and having lost a lot of weight, I have never been as confident about my body. He pushes you hard which sometimes makes you hate him for the duration of the session but the results are worth it. Training is always different too, which keeps it fresh and interesting. I enjoy the boxing with Amissi. When I started I couldn’t throw a push, but now I feel more confident about boxing – I feel faster and I can box for hours. I can’t imagine training without him.

Elmis Hilmi

I have trained with Amissi for a few months now. Amissi is different from other trainers as he genuinely cares for the progress of his clients. He makes sure you have the proper form when you perform exercises and pushes you to your limit. Amissi not only helps you lose weight but coaches you into a healthier lifestyle. He is the best trainer I have ever had.

Leann Ellis

Amissi has been great to work with and helped me achieve results quickly. You can tell it is not just an everyday job to him, as he works with you at every step of the way. After working with Amissi, I now feel a lot more educated on what I should be eating. In only 4 weeks I lost 8% body fat, which I was really pleased with. I found Amissi very informative and supportive throughout my programme. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to lose body fat quickly and in a healthy way!

Aiden Dewhirst

Amissi keeps the sessions exciting and challenging, with creative new exercises and routines every week that I could never think of doing myself. I felt and looked better in just months. Most importantly, I enjoy every session even when it hurts and I even look forward to the next one!

Natalie Watson

Training with Amissi is challenging yet he provides me with great motivation to look and feel great. I look forward to training with him but more importantly, love the rewarding feeling when the session is over! From both the sessions and the nutritional advice that I have received, I have noticed a significant improvement in both my strength and fitness. Although I was not completely unfit, the energy that I now have has increased tremendously. Amissi makes training enjoyable and is very flexible to suit my work and lifestyle. If you want results I highly recommend Amissi’s personal training.

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